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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is fancyqrs.com?

    FancyQRs.com is a user-friendly QR code generator that allows you to create custom QR codes based on your preferred text or URL. Whether it's a website link, contact information, or any other data, you can generate QR codes effortlessly.

  • How do I use the QR code generator on FancyQRs.com?

    It's simple! Just enter the desired text or URL in the input field on the homepage and click the "Download QR For Free" button. Your custom QR code will be generated instantly, ready for download.

  • Is the QR code generator free to use?

    Absolutely! FancyQRs provides a free QR code generation service. You can create as many QR codes as you need without any cost.

  • Can I create QR codes for website URLs?

    Yes, you can create QR codes for website URLs using FancyQRs. Simply enter the URL in the input field, and the generator will create the corresponding QR code.

  • Is there a limit to the number of QR codes I can generate?

    No, there's no limit. You can create an unlimited number of QR codes on FancyQRs, all without any charges.

  • Is my data and privacy secure when using FancyQRs.com?

    Absolutely! We take data privacy seriously. When you use our QR code generator, rest assured that your entered text or URLs are not stored on our servers, ensuring your information remains private.

  • Can I download the QR codes I create?

    Yes, after generating your custom QR code, you can download it in PNG, JPEG etc.,

  • Do I need to sign up or create an account to use the QR code generator?

    No, there's no need for any sign-up or account creation. FancyQRs offers a hassle-free QR code generation experience without any user registration.

  • Can I customize the appearance of my QR code?

    At the moment, our QR code generator focuses on simplicity and ease of use. However, you can choose from different colors and styles for your QR code to some extent.

  • Can I use the QR codes for commercial purposes?

    Yes, you are free to use the QR codes generated on FancyQRs for personal and commercial purposes without any restrictions.

  • Can I share the QR codes on social media or print them on physical media?

    Absolutely! Once you download your QR code, you can share it on social media platforms, use it in digital marketing campaigns or print it on posters, business cards, and more.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of text I can encode in a QR code?

    While QR codes can store a significant amount of data, there is a practical limit. Our generator will inform you if your text or URL exceeds the QR code's capacity.

  • Is there a way to track QR code scans or gather analytics?

    As of now, FancyQRs doesn't provide built-in tracking or analytics. We focus on providing a straightforward QR code generation service.